Wednesday, March 14, 2018

3.14 - Pie Day!

Today is March 14th....or 3.14. And if you're a nerd like me you might think of this day as...Pie Day! Upside? No oven needed for these pie nails. Downside? You can't eat them. They're inspired by the lattice crust on pie and the ring finger are cheeries. Who doesn't like cherry pie? Although to be honest I think this might be a nail fail...
What's your favorite kind of pie? My favorite is either French Silk Pie or the ever-popular-super-traditional apple pie. Mmmmmm. Now I want pie!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Toetally Tuesday - Marble + Pink

Can you believe it? More snow this morning! Not as much as the last two weeks but this makes snowfall #3 in March. Sheesh!And I was even going to go for a morning run this morning. I saw the snow and yeahhhh no. Maybe tomorrow. I painted these nails yesterday while I was watching Love it or List it on HGTV. The bathroom in one of the houses had b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l marble counters in the master bathroom and I since I love the look of marble I decided to make it a nail design. Clearly I'm in a marble mood these days because I just did another marble manicure on the blog.
I used Sally Hansen Get Mod, Zoya Nikki, and mixtures of white and black to make the marble grains. I absolutely love the look of marble. It's timeless, gorgeous, and simply stunning.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Trying Something New - Weekly Round Up: Food + Fitness

Hooray! Something new here on the blog! I'm thinking of starting a new weekly post series here on the blog called Food and Fitness.

Why keep track of food and fitness?
If you follow my Instagram at all then you know that my time is pretty much split between the office, driving, eating, working out, nail polish, and my cross-stitch project of the moment. I spend so much time with food (I do all the cooking at our place) and I would love to start sharing some meals that we try. I would also love to have posts where I could get tips, inspiration, recipes, and feedback from visitors here on the blog. After all, everybody eats! Plus, I think blogging about the meals and workouts will help hold me accountable throughout the week so that I keep motivated to make healthier choices.

What kind of food will these posts have?
I'm not a picky eater. So these posts will likely feature the variety of lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts, and maybe a few breakfasts from throughout the week. I don't have any food allergies and I really do eat ALMOST anything (except cilantro, ick!) so there should be a variety of food choices and meals. If you're looking for some food inspo, perhaps these posts can help!

What workouts do you do?
As far as working out goes....I'm not a pro. But I do like trying new workouts to keep things from getting stale. I switch it up all the time but I like to run, do yoga, row, cycle, HIIT, and do exercise DVDs. So we'll see which workouts I do throughout a week. I think these posts will definitely motivate me to complete some workout.

When will these posts go up?
Once a week. I'm thinking on a weekend day. Perhaps Saturday morning? I'm not sure. But I'm excited to start incorporating more lifestyle stuff to this blog and I hope you all find it interesting in one way or another!

I also think I might add in some bits throughout the week of whatever happened so maybe this series won't be just food and fitness. Who knows. We'll see!
As always, if you have any feedback, tips, advice, etc, I would love to hear it! Just leave it in the comments below or send me an email.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Nails of the Day: Springtime Sparkle

I love the weekend. It's time to kick back, relax...and then run all the errands you didn't do during the week. This week we had some exciting things to do (can't share quite yet) and then of course the normal boring things we do every weekend such as food shopping, laundry, and meal prepping for the week ahead. At least I have time to paint my nails so they look nice while I'm running around, right?
For these nails I used Zoya Jo, Essie Lots of Luxe, and a turquoise striper polish from my collection. This morning was the beginning (end?) of daylight savings time so I officially feel like it's springtime. I know we still have a few more weeks of winter but I'm so excited for springtime that I wanted to do a nail design with a bit of pizzazz and sparkle.

How is your weekend going?

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Snowy Day Mani + Working From Home

Aaaaand more snow for the northeast. Every year I think that January/February are the snowy months and then the calendar hits March and, wham, SNOW. This March has not been a let down because we're only one week in and we've already had two snowstorms that resulted in closing schools, courts, and, most importantly, my office! And, of course, inspiring these nails of the day:
snowy trees manicure
For this design I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Get Mod for the white base. Then I sponged OPI No Room for the Blues, Zoya Kristen, and China Glaze First Mate for the background sky. I stamped the trees in Orly Liquid Vinyl and the snow in Sally Hansen Get Mod using the UberChic Holiday Jingle plate.

Despite the snowstorm and my office being closed today, the work of a lawyer is never finished (haha) so I have my laptop on, my files spread out, fuzzy socks on, and some tea to keep me motivated to actually DO work today. Anyone else have serious difficulty "working from home"?? I just can't concentrate! And I find that I just paint my nails instead...but I'm sure no one here would think that's a problem...

Monday, March 5, 2018

To(e)tally Tuesday - Black and White Flowers

Let's resurrect the Toetally Tuesday posts, yes? So caution, if you don't like feet, go read a different post until next time.
I really love the black and white color combination. It's crisp and clean and you can wear anything you want with it.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Nor'easter Day in Court

Guys, have you ever had that moment where something happens and you just pause and think to yourself really?? It's story time.

I had to go to court this morning for an oral argument in one of my cases. We were supposed to be getting rain and the coastal areas were getting snow. I prepared my papers, grabbed my notes, and put them in my bag. Since it was supposed to rain I grabbed my rain coat but decided to just leave my pumps on rather than switch to rain boots. As I was driving to the courthouse (about an hour north) the rain had switched to straight up blizzard snow. By the time I got to the courthouse the parking situation looked like this:
So much for rain, right? Ugh! And I didn't have rain boots or snow boots. Just a flimsy rain coat. I walk toward the building, trampling through the slush and snow in my not-at-all-weather-appropriate pumps. My feet are getting soaked, I'm holding my hood up because the wind gusts were massive, and I make it to the entrance of the court where there is an overhang. Phew I thought to myself I made it. As I pass under the overhang I hear *thump* and I feel snow hit my back.Thank goodness my hood was up right? Wrong. The snow not only hit my FELL IN MY PURSE. Literally, right into my purse and, of course, right onto my papers:
Since I was still outside I couldn't really do anything about it so I hustle the rest of the way into the building, go through security, and then briskly walk to the closest surface so I can whip everything out of my bag. Thank god this particular bag (and the wallet and make up pouch inside it) is all made of water resistant saffiano leather so at least the bag was fine...but those were my notes and papers for the argument! I panic. What if the ink blurs because it got wet and I can't read it anymore?! Not too mention I'm going to look so stupid in front of the judge with water splotches all over my papers! I hurriedly rip out all the wet pages and re-scribble my notes onto dryer sheets of paper. Crisis averted.

But seriously though? It was one of those moments where had I been two seconds faster OR two seconds slower I would have had no issue. But nope, that's just my luck! I text my husband about my run in with the snow and he's too good to me because he surprised me with my favorite cookie. I was so glad to get home. The court ended up closing at 3 due to the weather conditions so luckily we were able to complete our arguments but driving home in the snow was not fun.

Anyone else have funny snow stories?? Or these "seriously?" moments?

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

NOTD and Some Meal Prepping

I know I've said it before but I really like how stamped nails really make manicure pop. You take a simple background manicure and add a contrasting color in a stamped design and it transforms into a simple yet impressive looking design.
For these nails: I used OPI Check the Old Geysirs for the background, Orly Blue Suede as the design, and Winstonia W113 for the stamp.

Hope everyone is having a good easy week this week. For this week we tried a little something new over and actually spent a decent amount of Sunday meal prepping for this week. We made some chicken and gnocchi soup, Mediterranean gyros with cucumber/tomato salad and tzatziki sauce, and chicken with roasted vegetables. I enjoyed making the gyros because I added some ground lamb this time. Never worked with it before but it seemed like a good we went with it.
And the chicken with roasted vegetables has to be one of my favorites because of how easy it is. You literally just season a bunch of vegetables and chicken and throw it down on a sheet pan. It's also one of my go-to's because it takes literally 25 minutes.
Can you get any easier than this? A bit of seasoning, chicken, broccoli, red onion, grape tomatoes, and zucchini and there you go. Dinner is served, plus some for leftovers! The perfect meal prep meal. 

Do you guys have any recommendations for quick easy meals?? I'm always looking for culinary creation recommendations! 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

House Hunting...or House Hating

I make no bones about it: we are picky house hunters. Possibly the pickiest. Find me one other person who has spent over two years house hunting. The good thing is that our pickiness is not based on kitchen-island-loving, subway-tile back splashing, trendy HGTV dreams. Instead we focus on the home's bones, location, and land. The bad thing is we've toured a LOT of homes. From one that doesn't have the external look we want, to another with a bad layout, to another without land/privacy, to another without a good location, ugh, the list goes on and on. I thought it could be a fun and somewhat cathartic post featuring some of the things that make me say YIKES when I see them. Now, these wouldn't be deal-breakers. If a house otherwise met our critical criteria then I would look past all of these things. After all, all of them can be changed.

The Humble Barndoor
Look, I like barn-chic as much as the next person, and I know it's super trendy now thanks in large part to Chip and Joanna Gaines (did I hear you say shiplap?) but I'm just not into it. I don't want it as an entryway to the laundry room (seen it). I don't think it looks nice as a door to a closet (seen it). And I especially don't want to see it while trying to pee in a hurry in the master bath.

Mismatched Cabinets
I applauded the effort to update the kitchen and I have to say the countertop looks fantastic but WHY did you stop at the island cabinetry? You painted the others white! And why are the hinges on the painted white cabinetry dark?? Nope. Spoiler alert: we actually offered on this house and also got into attorney review but then an original buyer (whose contract was supposed to have been voided...or so we were told) came back and we learned that their contract was still we didn't get it. Yeah, that was devastating. It was an amazing house.

The Full Wall Fireplace
I will admit. For whatever reason most, if not all, of the homes we have toured feature a fireplace of some kind in one room or another. It's popped up in the family room, master bedroom, and even the master bathroom once. While some of the fireplaces were super nice and really added to the room, every time I saw one with a brick wall (literal WALL)....yikes. I know the fireplace is the focal point but really all I saw was the shit ton of brick I would want to immediately rip down.

So we keep looking. And at this point when I see these things I just kind of giggle to myself. Then I do some quick math to see how much it would cost to change it.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Birthday Nails for a BFF

Oh my goodness. I realized today that I cannot remember the last time I commemorated an event in someone's else life with a nail design. Nope, I literally had to go back through some old posts to research and it turns out the last one was my sister's 30th birthday in October. Wowza!

I used to do birthday nails all the time on this blog. Can we remember my buddy S's 24th birthday tree manicure? Or maybe my now hubby's 23rd birthday? Or my sister's 23rd birthday (yes, the same sister who is now 30, lol)?Or my 21st birthday all those years ago? Or even my mom's *cough*29th birthday again*cough* nails? Point is, I clearly used to be a lot more celebratory here on the blog. Let's bring that back, okay?

And we can start today with these birthday nails for my BFF....
She was the first person I met at my high school in 2004. We went through classes, boyfriends, formal dances, etc and became really close friends during high school. This photo was  taken before our senior class trip to Disney.
And she was a bridesmaid in my wedding 13 years later.
She's pretty much the best ride or die you can get. We've been through boyfriends, high school drama, being roommates at college, then being at separate colleges (I still resent her for abandoning me), law school, living in neighboring states, learning how to adult (or not to adult), and most recently my wedding. No matter what has happened or how long it's been since we checked in with each other, I know I can always count on her.

So, happy birthday to you, J! You deserve all the glasses of champagne tonight. And by champagne I mean beer and pizza!